2017 Midyear Summary 

2017 Midyear Summary - These are exciting days for Converge Northwest


  • Administrative Assistant Kim Anderson resigned to take a new position in Minnesota.
  • We sponsored the Society of Church Consulting, consultant training with seven our pastors attending.
  • We attended the Converge Transform Conference with 30 of our district pastors and wives, for training and networking with other leaders.
  • Arbor Church Launched from Northshore Community Church with over 500 attending.
  • Emmanuel Baptist burned their $1.2M mortgage
  • Northsound Church opened their new Center


  • OnRamp for Church Planting was held at Crossroads Bible Church.
  • Emmaus Road Church was launched out of Cascade Community Church


  • Converge Church Planting Summit was held in Austin Texas with both Nate Hettinga and myself attending.
  • I attended the Southwest Hills Baptist Church Missions Conference in Beaverton OR.
  • We held our Pastor Coaching Retreat at Lake Retreat with pastors in the coaching cohort
  • I attended a Communications Intensive with Converge staff at Bethel San Diego.
  • I also attended the Converge Triage Training for assisting the "stuck church."


  • A Converge Executive Leadership Team Meeting in Orlando.
  • Minister and Mates Retreat at Cannon Beach with 54 attending. Pastor Phil Stevenson and Lisa Stevenson were outstanding as our teaching team.


  • Susie and I attended the annual Converge Leadership Team retreat in North Carolina. This is a retreat held with President Scott and Lisa Ridout, all other DEMs and wives, along with Bethel University leaders.
  • We helped sponsor the Art of Neighboring training day held by the North Sound Network with about 130 attending.


  • I spent a lot of time working with Evergreen Baptist as they made their decision to dissolve.
  • With the help of the Growth Fund we worked out a lease agreement for the building to be used by Body of Christ Church.
  • I had a quick trip to work with the search committee at Glacier Church in Kalispell, MT
  • Pastor Shawn Newberry of Glisan Street Baptist, Portland, OR resigned to go to Battle Ground Baptist. 
  • Pastor Ric Glomstad, announced his transition from ministry to retirement, next year and a transition year is planned.

Other Activity:

With the departure of Kim Anderson in January, along with our bookkeeper Debi Rickabaugh, we started a process to reconfigure how we get things done.

  • We brought on Susie to work a few hours a week with office functions.
  • We searched and found a new bookkeeping service. Rather than having someone in the office we now use the firm Battershell and Nichols. Our work is now done remotely and it is working well.
  • We did a communications audit and determined to improve our delivery systems. This will include the newsletter, Facebook, a new app for mobile devices the website and printed materials.
  • We changed our online giving platform to Pushpay and have found it to be much more user friendly than our previous provider.
  • We shrunk our office space and moved my office into a shared space
  • We have been developing the vision for Converge Northwest and is built on three legs of Church Starting, Church Strengthening and Personal Development. It is exciting to see so many things coming together for effective ministry in our future.
  • I have been spending time coaching, church coaches/consultants and working with several churches consulting on their strategic (Joyfully Effective) pathway.

It has been a busy first half of the year. I am excited to see what God has in store for us.


Converge has a 10-year plan for our movement, nationally and internationally. This vision consists of four major parts:

Open the front door

We pray that God will allow the Converge movement to expand through church planting, multi-siting and joining. We pray that our missionary force will double, with special focus on the unengaged, unreached people of the world. We pray that the majority of the increased attendance in our churches will result in conversion experiences and baptisms.

Close the back door

We pray that God will allow us to develop more healthy growing churches by focusing on developing healthy growing leaders. Developing the health of our pastors and missionaries through improved assessment, coaching, training, collaboration and care will result in our congregants and churches that grow toward maturity and mission.

Tear down the walls

We pray that God will help us become a movement strengthened by and known for our cultural diversity. We will address potential spiritual, cultural and racial barriers and challenge our congregations to courageously expand gospel-living by extending hands of understanding, honor, friendship, and partnership across these divides for the advancement of the gospel.

Build the house

We pray that God will provide the resources needed to support the first three. This includes things like branding, data, communication and funding initiatives and plans. Already our team has moved toward developing one database, one brand and a unified communication strategy. We have also begun to develop a $10 Million church plant funding strategy. We believe the result of this emphasis will be more followers of Jesus more focused on the mission of Jesus. We ask humbly seek God’s will and leading for our personal involvement in this next season. God has blessed us. He designed us to live for something bigger than ourselves. We are better together. The best is yet to come.

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