A Baptism Story

In January of 2018 my staff and I sat at our round table - literally a circular wooden table, 10 feet in diameter that is takes up our entire conference room. We had spent three Tuesdays in a row discussing who we are and where we were. This meeting would be the culmination of those discussions. We were sighting targets for the year.

During 2017, in addition to ministries of discipleship and serving, we had baptized four people and seen a few more come to Jesus. Now, hear me, everyone is worth it. We would do everything we do if it meant one person would come to Christ. Even so, I felt God was calling us to more. So, on that cold, January morning, we busted out our white board markers and started setting God-directed goals. By the meeting’s end, we had one objective that seemed astronomical to me. “Baptisms- 30,” read the note in black expo. That would be a major increase from the previous year!

As a smaller-medium church of about 220, it would be a God-sized pursuit. Still, it was a number we had determined through prayer and seeking, so we set about the work of the ministry, continuing to lay it at Jesus’ feet. We had no idea how it would happen.
But happen it did. It began in February with a service scheduled to baptize 5 people. We baptized 13 that morning. Then, in May, 13 more women were baptized at our women’s encounter. Not half way through the year, and in only two moments, God had us knocking on the door of the “insurmountable” goal He had set. One by one, Jesus did what He does —drawing people to Himself as we were merely faithful to pray and obey

At the close of 2018, we had baptized 36 people through the ministries of Revive. In 2019 we are praying for another great year of following His lead. We began by baptizing 10 people in January. To God be the glory!

Dusty Taylor, Revive Church, Boise ID

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