Converge Notes For 2017 Annual Gathering

Notes For Converge Northwest Annual Gathering

2017 Annual Gathering Schedule

8:30 - Registration and Connection Time

9:00 - Worship

9:20 - Meetings Called to Order

9:25 - Converge Northwest Meeting

10:00 – Message - Scott Ridout

10:45 – Break

11:00 - Workshops

12:00 - Lunch

12:45 - Partner Ministries Meetings

1:45 – Break

2:00 - Workshops

3:15 - Worship and Message by Scott Ridout

4:15 - Next Steps with Steve Welling

4:30 - Commissioning and Closing Prayer 


Workshops – Morning Session

Leadership Lids - with Converge President Scott Ridout

Coaching 101 – with Jeremy Taylor, Joe Donaldson and Steve Welling

Coaching, Mentoring, ? What do these terms mean? How does coaching work? Can it make a difference? 

These questions and others will be answered by leaders who are actively involved in building a coaching culture.

Jeremy Taylor is Pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Portland

Joe Donaldson is an Associate Pastor at Journey Church in Federal Way

“Working together to reach the world, both here and abroad!”

Making disciples of Jesus of ALL the nations (ethnos) is our mandate. No single congregation is big enough for this Great Commission of the Lord. Together we are stronger. We can collaborate more strategically. We can cooperate more effectively under the headship of our Lord Jesus! 

This session presents a fresh idea for collaboration and cooperation among churches and mission agencies for advancing global missions.

Hosted by Journey Church and Cascade Church.”


Workshops – Afternoon Session

Building an Evangelism Culture – with Converge President Scott Ridout

Defusing Church Grenades – with Randy Thomas

What’s the process of turning a potentially explosive situation into a teachable moment?  This class will outline the step by step journey of leading others from crisis to hope.  It will focus on how to overcome barriers which may exist in the upset party as well as in the leader.  It will give practical means to the art of being present.

 Specifically, it will cover:

  • The Holy Moment of Crisis
  • Pushbacks to Being Present
  • The 3 Primary Fears of Those in Crisis 
  • The 5 Step Process of Bomb Defusing

Taught by: Randy Thomas

Randy has 40 years of ministry experience and has seen his fair share of church grenades.  He also spent 10 years as a chaplain in the Tarrant County Divorce courts and has talked to hundreds of individuals in crisis.  He frequently trains church volunteers and leaders on moving from crisis to hope and is currently serving as the Interim Pastor at Warren Baptist near Portland.


Converge Northwest Report and Motions

•Election to the Board of Overseers – 3 year term (2018 - 2020)
•Andre Murphy – Living Grace Church - Great Falls, Montana (2nd term) 
•Jonathan Kobayashi – Eikou Church – Kirkland, Washington (1st term)
•Michael Lodge - Cascade Community Church - Monroe, Washington (2nd term)


 Budget Income

  2017  2018
•Churches  $210,000  $210,000
•Individuals  $50,000  $30,000
•Rental and Sale of Evergreen  $407,000
•Designated Church Planting  $81,600
•Administrative Fees  $1,200  $1,200
•Strengthening Events  $10,000  $10,000
•Misc. Event Income  $10,000  $6,000 
•Development  $10,000  $20,000
Interest   $6000  $5,700
Total  $297,200    $771,500


 Budget Expense  2017  2018

Ministry Staff  $232,887  $187,000

Contractor Services  $15,900  $34,200

Rent/Insurance  $22,208  $11,880

Office Operating Expenses  $11,950  $13,350 

Donor Relations  $1,000  $5,000

Publications  $2,000  $2,000

Church Strengthening  $8,500  $19,500 

Mission Expansion  $ 0  $4,000

Board Expense  $1,500  $7,500

Pastor’s Wives  $501  $501    

Total  $323,776  284,931


2017 District Executive Minister Report – Rev. Steven Welling

It is always fun for me to reflect back on the year. This has been a year of a lot of change for us.

While, as a district, we have taken on the goal of reaching 200 churches, our Converge movement has a national and international 10-year plan. This vision consists of four major parts. Let me list those parts and then reflect on how we have addressed them in the Northwest.

Open the front door

We pray that God will allow the Converge movement to expand through church planting, multi-siting and joining. We pray that our missionary force will double, with special focus on the unengaged, unreached people of the world. We pray that the majority of the increased attendance in our churches will result in conversion experiences and baptisms.

You will see in the PDF report from Nate Hettinga which outlines our district progress, with 4 churches launched this year. In the report you will see that we have the “Plant Alaska” church planting network coming to joining us. Also, Flourish Church, a church plant in Seattle has applied to be a part of Converge.

We have also multiplied the number of church planting networks in our district. And we have on going conversations with other churches that would like to partner with Converge.

We have also been finding ways to promote the Converge Global mission. We have partnered with two churches, Southwest Hills Baptist in Beaverton, OR and Cascade to host Dr. John Baxter of Converge to discuss strategies to reach diaspora peoples in the U.S. With about 50 people attending the two meetings.  And Journey Church in Federal Way hosted a meeting of churches interested in learning about The Timothy Initiative (TTI) which is a church planting strategy and parnter of Converge. Jerry Schommer from Converge facilitated that meeting.

Close the back door

We pray that God will allow us to develop more healthy growing churches by focusing on developing healthy growing leaders. Developing the health of our pastors and missionaries through improved assessment, coaching, training, collaboration and care will result in our congregants and churches that grow toward maturity and mission.

This is an arena where I have invested much of my time this year, and anticipate continuing to do so.

One of the best things we have done is partner with Pastor Glen Douglas to serve as our Eastern District Representative. This is a model we would like to duplicate around our district. Glen does a wonderful job connecting and encouraging and resourcing our churches east of the Cascades.

We began the year with a pastoral leadership coaching cohort led by Dr. Bruce Hopler. We started with 10 pastors and we finished with 8. The response was so positive, that we started another cohort this year. It is not too late to join in. I’ve included the information below.

Part of our long-term strategy is to raise up skilled pastors who can serve in a consulting role with other churches. In January, we sponsored a Society for Church Consulting event, providing training for levels 1-4. Seven Converge Northwest pastors went through that training. Level 5 is required to be fully certified as church consultant. I anticipate that I will complete level 5 early in 2018. Our desire is to create Converge Northwest Consulting, as an arm of our ministry to help churches, assess, plan and execute in a joyfully strategic way. This coming year we will continue to deepen and broaden our resourcing for churches.

In January we participated in the Converge event “Transform.” With over 30 of us from the Northwest we experienced this powerful network and training event for church leaders.

In the year ahead we will be providing several opportunities for meeting the challenging needs of pastors and their families, as well as church leaders.  Two events coming up soon are Pastor’s On TARGET training. This is an online learning community starting on November 1. Contact me for additional details. And we have a Converge Prayer Retreat November 6-8 at Lake Retreat. 

One of the best things we do during the year is our Pastor and Wive's Retreat at Cannon Beach. This year was excellent as Phil and Lisa Stevenson of Sunrise Baptist is Custer WA, shared how God has led and grown them through the challenges of balancing family life and ministry. Dr. Wes Johnson of Bethel Baptist in Everett, WA, led us in spiritual direction exercises. Bill Brown of Immanuel Baptist in Hoquiam, led us in praise as our worship leader. This coming April we will again hold our retreat with a new name, calling it Refresh By The Sea. 

I also serve on a national committee that is called the “Close the Back Door” Committee, where we are working on strategies and resources to meet the needs of our churches.

One other area that is part of our Converge ministry is to help churches with transitions. To help encourage excellence in managing pastoral transitions, I accepted an invitation to sit on the board of Interim Pastor Ministries. It is a national organization committed to helping train and place interim pastors who have the skills to help churches in those strategic and sensitive days of change for a church.

Most years we have 2 or 3 churches that go through transition. This year we have 8 at various stages of change.

  1. Sylvan Way (Bremerton, WA) - is working on an intentional transition with Pastor Ric Glomstad preparing to step away from leadership next June.
  2. Warren Baptist (Warren, OR) – Randy Thomas is serving as interim.
  3. Northshore Community (Kirkland, WA) – Scott Scruggs has just started his ministry there.
  4. Eikou Church (Kirkland, WA) – Jonathan Kobayashi is serving as interim.
  5. Glisan Street Baptist (Portland, OR) – Bruce Fields is serving as interim.
  6. High Point Church – (Maltby/Snohomish) – Todd Arimbide is beginning as pastor.
  7. Shiloh Hills Fellowship – (Spokane, WA) – Dr. Chris Rappazini is serving as interim.
  8. Glacier Church - (Kalispell, MT) - Mitch Klein is serving as interim.

Other churches went through a different kind of transition. This year Wits End Church in Seattle dissolved. Downtown Church merged with another church in Bellevue. And Evergreen Baptist in Tacoma dissolved. Fortunately, in the case of Evergreen, the week after their final service, The Body of Christ Church, with Pastor Lonnie Brown moved into the facility. Our church on the corner of 92nd and Waller Road, didn’t miss a week as a center of worship and gospel witness.

Tear down the walls

We pray that God will help us become a movement strengthened by and known for our cultural diversity. We will address potential spiritual, cultural and racial barriers and challenge our congregations to courageously expand gospel-living by extending hands of understanding, honor, friendship, and partnership across these divides for the advancement of the gospel.

We are still growing in this arena. We have taken three intentional steps. First, we sought more diversity on our board of overseers. Second, we have participated in the national Biblical diversity audit. And third, in this year’s budget we have included funding for Biblical diversity training and support of ethnic ministries.

Build the house

We pray that God will provide the resources needed to support the first three. This includes, at the national level, things like branding, data, communication and funding initiatives and plans. Already our Converge team has moved toward developing one database, one brand and a unified communication strategy. We have also begun to develop a $10 Million church plant funding strategy.


This year, at the regional level, I have invested a significant amount of time on rebuilding our house. After Kim Anderson moved back to Minnesota, we did not refill her position, so I ended up doing more administrative work, than I have in years. As a result, I saw that we needed to make some changes. So, we transitioned bookkeeping to the firm of Battershell and Nichols. This was not a smooth task, because we didn’t have a bookkeeper. But with volunteer help from my friend Sally Johnson, we made the transition. We are still working out details. You do not have the robust accounting reports that I would like to give to you. However, after we close the books of 2017, we will make sure you have a full report.

Another transition, was changing our online giving platform over to Pushpay. Again, closing one service and starting another financial service was time consuming. But I believe well worth the effort as we go forward.

We also made changes in our communications strategies. We refreshed the website, changed our online newsletter to MailChimp and added a Converge Northwest App for easy use on mobile devices.

We moved our office about 60 feet and ended up cutting our office rental costs in half.

And finally, in order to move forward strategically, we have invited President Scott Ridout to lead our board through a 3 day StatOps process of strategic planning for the years ahead. This is a process available to our churches through Converge. If you are curious about it, we would be happy to tell you more.


It is such a privilege to serve you in this District Minister capacity. And I truly look forward to the coming year. I believe our best days are ahead.

I want to say thank you to all of you who support this ministry through your investments, volunteering, encouragement, prayers and financial support. I can see through our churches, we are making a difference in people’s lives.

I especially want to thank my wife, Susie, who after Kim resigned, was willing to step in and serve in the office on a very part-time basis, helping me with the many small things that I never used to think about. She has been a true help-meet and I am a lucky man.



2017-18 Converge Northwest Coaching Network


 With Dr. Bruce Hopler – National Director of Church Strengthening


To create a network of leaders who are…

  • Coachable:      A desire to be coached,
  • Engaging:        Participate in peer to peer coaching both during scheduled sessions and

 in between sessions,

  • Multipliers:     Commit to actively coach 1-3 pastors/leaders, in affinity cohorts


  1. Participation in Coaching Network for at 9 months. Cost is $250 for the year.
  2. Make attendance and participation in Coaching Network sessions a high priority.
  3. Prepare for each session with Bible Study and other outside reading assignments.
  4. Coaching each other through the relationships developed in and beyond the regular meeting sessions.
  5. Find your “one-monther”: To have one (or two) person(s) in ministry or significant church leadership that you have an ongoing coaching relationship with, teaching what you learned.  The difference between the two of you is that you will move from participant to mentor and you will be only a little ahead in learning
  6. Complete assessment tools and other assignments within a reasonable time.
  7. Once trained, commit to coach 1-3 CNW pastors or leaders in an affinity cohort.


  1. 7 scheduled zoom sessions (approx. 90 minutes each).
  2. 2 retreats at Lake Retreat in March. (Schedule below)
  3. Creation of your own Affinity Cohort Group.  Each cohort group will be limited in size for maximize effectiveness.
  4. Assessment tools - understanding and utilization.


  • August 22, 2017 - Orientation 90-minute Zoom Call
  • September 11-13, 2017 – Coaching Retreat at Lake Retreat
  • October 5, 2017 – 90 minute Zoom Call
  • November 2, 2017 – 90 minute Zoom Call
  • December 7, 2017 – 90 minute Zoom Call
  • January 4, 2018 – 90 minute Zoom Call
  • February 1, 2018 – 90 minute Zoom Call
  • March 12-14, 2018 - Coaches Retreat at Lake Retreat
  • April 5, 2018 – 90 minute Zoom Call
  • May 3, 2018 – 90 minute Zoom Call



Those being coached will:

  1. Be more effective in their specific call to ministry.
  2. Participate in a peer-to-peer network of coaches that provides long-term support.
  3. Be strengthened in Kingdom work, church effectiveness, and pastoral satisfaction.



  1.  Spiritual Formation: Spiritual formation resources for pastors and staff designed to cultivate productivity at home, in ministry, and in their personal relationships with Christ.
  2. Biblical Visioneering: A visioneering pathway that helps the pastor discover their church’s unique calling and chart a course for future impact.
  3. Effective Strategies:  Access to best ministry practices and strategies as well as tailored coaching to address a pastor’s specific ministry culture, context and environment.
  4. Leadership Culture:  Tools to implement a healthy leadership culture that aligns and empowers boards, teams, and staff.
  5. Expanding Beyond:  Guidance in expanding a church’s vision beyond the local context to include new opportunities in community impact, church planting, and international missions.
  6. Supportive Networks:  Connections and relationships with other churches and pastors to provide support, encouragement, and feedback during times of crises, transition, or healing.



Learning the Art and Science of Coaching

  1. ART OF COACHING: Between books, seminars and e-news; tools are a dime a dozen these days.  The irony with this information overload is that the church at large is still in decline.  A greater focus in this first track will be spent on the art of coaching.  Growing healthy leaders that last for the long haul.
  2. SCIENCE OF COACHING: While there is a glut of tools out there, we will take time to sort through them and highlight and use some effective ones.  Each session participants will learn one tool they can immediately put into practice. 
  3. MENTOR AND TRAINING: Coaching is a one-on-one process where the coach draws out effective paths from the one being coached.  Participants can expect peer-peer coaching as well as the opportunity to coach those not in the cohort.  Because of the size of the group, participants will not be professionally coached, rather be mentored and trained on coaching.
  4. LEADER DEVELOPMENT: Any participant who fully engages in this process can expect to see significant personal growth as a leader and learn the basics of the art and science of being a coach.  Further, tools and processes will be learned to create greater effectiveness in their local church.  Church vitalization as a complete process is something that will be explored in future coaching sessions.






Church Planting Director Report: October, 2017 Nate Hettinga


Converge NW is a regional movement of churches in WA, OR, ID, MT, and Alaska. We are part of Converge Worldwide and are known nationally for expertise in starting and establishing new churches. While we plant churches, our goal is not to multiply churches. Our goal is together to multiply disciples -- we just believe that planting churches is the most effective way to see that happen.


Converge NW was officially formed on December 27, 1889 with the stated purpose of “Mutual edification and the pursuance of missionary activity according to conditions and ability.”  The language has changed, but the purpose remains.


Church Planting Northwest is the multiplication arm of Converge NW. Led by Pastor Nate Hettinga in a part time role, we seek to multiply churches, sites and recruit existing churches to align with Converge.


It took 126 years for Converge NW to grow to 95 member churches. But things are changing! Two years ago, we accepted a vision we believe to be from God to grow this regional movement to 200 churches over the next 10 years.  It’s an audacious,

God-sized goal!


200 by 2026 will only be realized when we really “get” that we are better together and that each Converge NW church has skin in the game.


Our strategy is to establish networks of churches around the NW that are led by catalytic pastors who have a passion for planting, who know the area and can generate specific planting goals. Network directors oversee regional teams of pastors and work together to see churches planted.


At the beginning of 2016, we had 2 functioning multiplication networks in the NW: The Flood the Sound network based in Puyallup, WA and the NorthSound network based on the northeast side of Puget Sound, WA.


Beginning with 2 networks, our goal is to add 2 new networks each year and allow them to multiply churches on a steadily increasing scale.


Today, we have 6 networks including:

*Eastsound network based out of Crossroads Church in Bellevue, WA

*Southsound network based out of Westwood Church in Olympia, WA

*North Cascadia network based out of Stanwood, WA

*Alaska network based out of Fairbanks, Alaska


Two new networks are on schedule to launch in 2018:

*Seattle network based out of Ballard, WA

*Kitsap network based out of Gig Harbor, WA



No church planting movement is generated without significant prayer and Holy Spirit guidance. Drs. Wes Johnson and Teresa Schaudies lead our prayer movement through prayer retreats, training and daily updates.

If you’d like to receive prayer updates, please email Teresa at


Strategic Partnerships

We recognize that Converge must collaborate with other like-minded organizations and tribes in order to reach the Northwest. Toward that end, we are working together with: Anglican:  Pastor Barry Crane pioneered a relationship with the Cascadia

Diocese to overlay an Anglican Church plant at NorthSound Church in Edmonds, WA. A second plant was launched in Everett, WA in 2017.  Friar Ryan Brotherton and Pastor

Barry Crane lead this expansion movement. For more information, please contact Barry at


Hispanic: Cascade Church in Monroe, WA launched Casa de Paz in early 2017. It is a plant that meets on site at Cascade during 3rd service and worship is in Spanish while children’s ministry is integrated. Carlos DiBaldi is helping to direct the addition of other Hispanic plants overlaying existing English-speaking Converge churches. For more information, please contact Carlos at




Several leadership couples are in the process of being assessed for future plants. Please pray for these leaders as they seek God’s future in relation to multiplication. For more information regarding one day and multi-day assessments, please contact Nate Hettinga at


Church Plants Joining:

An unusual number of churches seem to be interested in joining the Converge movement!  This past year, we welcomed:

*Radiant Fairbanks

*Radiant Juneau

*Radiant Anchorage (pending)

*Flourish Church (Seattle)

Several additional Northwest churches are in conversation/prayer regarding partnership. For more information, please contact Nate Hettinga at or Steve Welling at



Most of the funding for multiplication is sourced from local networks and local churches. The Church Planting Northwest expenses for 2017 and budget for 2018 are included in this document. Several key churches have added significant funding this past year that does not show up in the budget (gave directly to events, assessments, plants). Thank you to Northshore, Crossroads, Northsound, Edgewood, Cascade and many others who continue to give generously to church planting.


CPNW Leadership Day(s):

At least once a year, we host leadership training in topics of interest to planters and their teams. In May, Northshore Community was the site for The Art of Neighboring featuring the authors of the book by the same name. In September, Cascade was the site for Creating a Culture of Leadership & Hospitality featuring Ryan Bowman, trainer for Chick-fil-A. To attend a future event, please watch the websites and/or


Where do you fit in? To see 200 churches in our movement by 2026, we need each other. The truth is, we are not winning the battle for souls in our region. We must work together.  So --” What’s your next step to multiplication?”


*Support a planter financially

*Have a planter show up on a Sunday and present their vision

*Join a local planting network

*Start building a planting war-chest (even if it’s just a few dollars per month)

*Begin praying about multiplication

*Hire a church planting resident

*Consider “layering” a Hispanic or Anglican church in your building


Together, we can see our region transform and be a part of the greatest church planting season in Converge NW history!


Meet the Planters:

We are excited to report that 8 churches have either started recently or are in the process of starting soon. The following updates give you a snapshot of these amazing planters.  Please pray for them and offer your support!






Planter: Jerry & Cindy Griffin

Church: The Ridge Community Church Launch Date:  March 13, 2016

This has been a whirlwind year, and we’re excited for what God is doing at The Ridge! We meet in a highly diverse area and have been blessed to begin seeing the fruit of our prayers to become a multi-cultural church community consisting of not only Caucasian, but Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Jamaican, and Swedish. Our mission is to become a true “community church,” and just these past months we’ve now become accepted and embraced as a part of the larger Redmond Ridge community, invited by the Redmond Ridge leadership to partner in multiple community events.

We’ve had opportunities to share Christ in many ways and have seen Him change lives by giving hope and purpose to those who had given up. Our core ministry of “Helping Hands” has shared Jesus throughout the Redmond Ridge area as our members have selflessly demonstrated His love through simple acts of service to those in need. As one family shared “Joann and I both were amazed by your generosity, thank you Ridge Church!” As we continue to focus on making “disciple-making disciples,” our prayer is that God will continue using us to share the Good News of Christ wherever we are.


We have experienced both great joy and deep loss this year, but through it all Jesus has been faithful to grow us ever closer as the body of Christ. As one of our newer members remarked, “I was desperate for community and family; at The Ridge I’ve found it.” Thank You Jesus for Your continued blessing and thank you all for your continued support and prayers!



Planter: Mike and Jen Satterfield Church:  Emmaus Road

Launch Date:  February 19m 2017


Mike and Jen Satterfield have been engaged in next-generation ministry for 2 decades, first in the Deep South, and also in the Pacific Northwest. As a committed disciple builder, planting Emmaus Road Church in February of 2017 was the culmination of a vision that began in 2006. He is the network lead for the North Cascades Network, in partnership with churches from Marysville to the Canadian border to see churches planted and souls saved.





Planter: Trevor & Hilary Horn w/ Ephraim & Abram Church:  Kardia Church

Launch Date:  October 8, 2017


Kardia Church officially launched on Sunday, October 8th in the Ballard district of Seattle at Ballard Baptist Church. The past year has been a one of connecting and building foundational relationships for this new church start with people close and far from God. As well we have been building the foundational backend infrastructure that will enable us future success. This fall we are doing monthly services and weekly groups as we prepare to launch weekly in February. Prayers appreciated for our launch team, gatherings & groups and our family as we continue to give ourselves fully to cultivating hearts by practicing the way of Jesus together. You can stay up to date with what we are up to at:



Planter:  Phil Peterson

Church: Multi Ethnic Plant Bellevue/Issaquah Launch Date: TBD


God is leading my family to reach our multi-ethnic neighbors, to make disciples of all people groups and to establish a multi-ethnic community, united by Christ, and on a disciple-making mission to transform our city. The problem is that no church in our area is making it a priority to develop a multi-ethnic community to identify with our

multi-ethnic city. People come to a church they identify with, asking the question, “Are these my people?” Since our city is ethnically diverse, we need a church that represents our multi-ethnic community. Current statistics indicate that over 51% of our region’s population is an ethnic minority, with 30% being foreign born residents. From 2000 to 2010, the population of internationals grew from 30,000 to 50,000. Even the City of Bellevue identified cultural fragmentation as a top three priority to address.

Unfortunately, most churches do not represent the diverse community we are called to love.  Segregated by ethnicity, our city has Asian, Anglo and African American churches. No church is focused on establishing a multi-ethnic community to meet this growing need in our city. Our dream is to see God establish a multi-ethnic church in our city that would become a viable solution for our multi-ethnic neighbors to find hope, to find true community to find belonging in a self-interested world that is fractured, and uncaring towards one another.



Planter: Kevin Craik

Church: All Saints Church Everett Launch Date:  April 16, 2017


Kevin, Melissa and Jameson Craik moved to the Pacific Northwest from Southern California in order to plant an Anglican Church in Everett, WA. They have partnered with Bethel Baptist Church and overlayed this new work in an existing congregation. They are encouraged by the Kingdom work that the Baptists and Anglicans are doing together.



Planter: Andrew & Katie Spink Church: Flourish Church Ballard, WA Launch Date:  September 17, 2017


Andrew and Katie Spink moved to Seattle in 2015 in order to begin the process of planting a church in North Seattle. They have a collaborative model of multiplication and officially launched in Fall, 2017.  Flourish meets in the Ballard Community Center.






Planter:  Jake Goetze

Church: Arbor Church Woodinville, WA Launch Date:  January 29, 2017


After serving as a church planting resident at Northshore Community Church in Kirkland, Jake and Davy Goetze planted Arbor Church in early 2017. The church grew rapidly and now has multiple services reaching the greater Eastside.



Planter: Leo & Ruth Nestico Church:  Casa de Paz

Launch Date: January 1, 2017


The vision for this ministry is to be an integrated Hispanic - English collaboration. The Spanish speaking worship service meets at Cascade during 3rd service. Children from both churches are integrated in English speaking classrooms.

Leo and Ruth have an inspiring story of God’s movement in their lives and in church multiplication. New ministries include: ESL, Spanish classes and integrated men’s ministry.

Pastor Leo reports, “During this year we had the unique and wonderful experience to celebrate baptisms in a bilingual service in the worship center, and we look forward to doing it again! Our Sunday worship services are becoming Cascade's open door to the entire Hispanic community in Monroe. We see God's blessing in the Bible school on Sundays and the prayer meetings on Fridays.

We've seen a positive response during the process of integration with the rest of the church and we believe it'll continue in that same direction. We are excited to see what God is going to do very soon through the language classes, both of Spanish and English as a second language.”

CPNW 2018 Budget






Converge Budget Allocated Dollars


Church Donations


Other income








Church Planting Training/Assessment


Ongoing Church Support






Network Development


Office Expenses










Annual Total




Income over expenses






Reserve Balances


Evergreen Sale


Reserve Amount


2017 Total Reserve


2018 Budget


Interest Earned


2019 Projected Reserve Amount



Statement of Activity

January 1 - October 17, 2017







Bank Charges


Conference Expenses




Office Expenses




Total Expenditures





In Memorial


In God’s loving grace and mercy He welcomed home these servants in 2017:


Dr. Robert Charles Anderson

84, entered heaven January 13th, 2017.

Army Chaplain and Gospel Minister he is survived by his wife Rosella Anderson and children.

“Dr. Bob”, as many knew him was deeply involved in Columbia Baptist Conference and Western Baptist Seminary. He served as a pastor and interim pastor in many CBC churches. I got to know him, when he served as interim pastor at Bethel Baptist in Portland, while in his early 80s. I think his intervention in that church at the time, saved the church which continues to minister in Portland.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way the truth and the life. NO one comes to the Father except through me.”  John 14:6


Ernest Kratofil

85, entered heaven June 23, 2017

He married Constance Lofgren in April 1958. They served as BGC missionaries in Assam, India, 1960-1969 and pastored Friendship Baptist Church, Victoria, British Columbia, 1975-1985.

In 1985 B.C. churches were transferred from Columbia Baptist Conference (now Converge Northwest) into the new Baptist General Conference of Canada. The Kratofils went on to serve BGCC went on to serve BGCC churches for many years, including planting Friendship Community Church, Saanichton, Vancouver Island, B.C.  He died during a service in which the Canadian Baptist Seminary was conferring upon him an honorary doctorate degree. 


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