Converge Northwest also helps place pastors with churches, and churches with pastors. One helpful tool we use is the Pastoral Placement Process; also known as P3. P3 is an online tool that assess your skills, gifts, strengths, calling, personality, experience and more. Our churches who need a pastor use the same tool to find you. We believe assisting churches in finding the right leader is one of the most important services we can provide. The same goes for our pastors. We want them in a position where they can grow and be the leader God has called them to be.

P3 was created to provide churches with a methodical, focused system that offers search teams, delivered as a web-based process, a consultant that will make scheduled touchpoints, tools to implement a church survey and ultimately names of candidates fitting your pastoral preferences.

What are the benefits for churches?

  • Easy access to Converge knowledge and experience because no church or search time wants to be an expert on pastor placement.

  • The task-driven process keeps your church search team focused.

  • The process is self-guided so it fits the unique and individual style and culture of your church and team.

  • It’s efficient. The search team’s time is spent getting to know candidates that are potential good fits instead of sorting through stacks of resumes.

What are the benefits for pastors?

  • Easy access to Converge churches in the P3 system. Most of our churches use this tool to evaluate candidates.

  • Comprehensive and consistent profile, accelerating the learning curve, making it easier or churches to learn about you and explore who you are.

  • Relationships with Converge consultants tapping into their years of knowledge, experience and networks.

  • The process is self-guided process with online access to both your profile and assessments.

  • Exposure to multiple churches, saving you the time required to discover opportunities and contact individual churches.

Contact District Minister Steven Welling,, if you have any questions - or visit the P3 website to get started today! 

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