Are you saving for retirement? Data shows that many Americans are outliving their savings. As life expectancy continues to increase, it’s important to ensure you are saving to prepare for the future.

To help with this, Converge Northwest offers the Converge Retirement Plan. It’s available to Converge pastors, church staff and missionaries. The plan serves all churches—no matter the size.

The Converge Retirement Plan has been serving the employees of Converge-affiliated churches for 50 years. Our primary goal is to provide added financial security to plan participants in retirement. The Plan has two parts: Defined Benefit (Pension) and the Defined Contribution.

One of the unique features of the pension plan is it provides a lifetime income for the participant. This means you do not have to ever worry about outliving your income. As an added option, this benefit can continue for your spouse in the event of your death.

To learn more or join the plan, contact Ed Shannon at 877.482.6882. 

“I am extremely grateful to have been participating in the program all these years. It has given me peace of mind along the way, knowing the funds were being well managed. It was that peace of mind and the decision I made years ago which have given me the capacity to retire. My church was an advocate towards building into my future as they contributed to the plan. I also appreciated the ability to contribute to the Defined Contribution Plan; my own contributions were never a burden.

Looking back, joining the Converge Retirement Plan was one of the best financial decisions I’ve ever made. I am thankful to God that it has been available.”- Joseph Boerman

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